Pisa is a warm and nice city located in Tuscany, near the Thyrrenum sea.
An important early Roman harbor, it developed in one of the richest and most influential city-states (a Repubblica Marinara) in Europe and the world in the late Medioeval times and early Renaissance.

The University of Pisa was founded in 1343, and had such distinguished scholars at different times as Galilei, Torricelli, Dini, Fermi, De Giorgi.


Pisa is well-known worldwide for some of his monuments...

...but has many more to be discovered!


An industrial and touristic centre, Pisa offers numerous historical attractions in the city and its area, such as Volterra, famous center of archeology and of alabaster handcrafting. Close to Pisa there are other famous cities worth of being visited such as Firenze, Lucca and Siena.

Pisa can be easily reached from all main cities in Europe through its international airport. Local information about the city can be found through the [PisaOnLine] service.

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