Programme for Exhibitors and Sponsors

WorldHaptics is the first conference of its kind. It is based on the solid success of both EuroHaptics and Haptics Symposium conferences. However, the worldwide span of this joint edition poses new challenges.

Opportunities come with challenging innovation. We hope WHC will allow a critical mass of scientists, developers, and practitioners to gather and serve to boost progress in Haptics.

As a commercial venture in haptics-related products (Interfaces, Visualization, BioMetrics, Entertainment, Physical Training, ...), you should not miss this opportunity.

The Conference Programme foresees two ways of participating to this event: exhibiting your products, or helping financially the participation of a larger attendance.

Consider that revenues from exhibits and sponsorship will be used mostly to reduce registration costs for attendees, in particular for students - the best investment for your next future


Exhibitors will have a booth/stand, electric power and internet connection. Special requests can be accomodated.

There will three large, very visible stands at the main entrance of the Conference Auditorium. Other stands will be arranged in a near room.

Booth costs start from 1000€ per day (VAT excluded).

Please contact the organizers for details.



Three types of sponsors are envisioned:

  1. Pioneers

    Those who want to nurture our young discipline, Haptics, and be part of its history from the infant age.

    Pioneering sponsors will have their (linked) logo placed on the conference webpages (space on the lower left part of these pages), on the conference banner, and on all publicity material to be distributed.
    Public acknowledgment will be given at the conference banquet.

    A Pioneer sponsor could help in the organization of specific events, such as the conference banquet, or one of the three invited plenary talks, or fund a student travel grant. Options can be arranged directly with the organizers.

    A contribution of a Pioneer is foreseen in the range of 3000-5000€
  2. Benefactors

    Smaller or younger companies that cannot miss the opportunity to be there.

    Benefactors will gain visibility trhough distributed gadgets (bags, pens, toys,...) with their logo or address. Publicity material by a benefactor will be inserted in each registrant's package. The list of all benefactors will be published in the conference web site, with links to their home pages.

    A contribution of a Benefactor is foreseen in the range of 1000-2000€
  3. Award Sponsors

    The conference Awards Committee will grant awards for best contributions in few categories (such as e.g. Best Paper, Best Student Paper, Best Poster, Best Hands-On Demo).

    An Award Sponsor will present the winner of a specific award with a certificate and a monetary prize at the plenary Award Ceremony.

    A contribution for sponsoring a category award is foreseen to be about 1000€.