The submission deadline for manuscripts to appear in the Proceedings of the WorldHaptics Conference in Pisa has expired.

The submission deadline for submission of Posters and Hands-On Demos has been extended to January 22, 2005

Please find below general information for submission of final version of manuscripts and presentations (posters and hand-on demos).

Submission of Final Manuscripts

Submission of Posters

Submission of Hands-On Demos



Instructions for final manuscripts

Please upload the final version of your manuscripts electronically in PDF format by January 9, 2005.

As announced in the call for papers, besides the official IEEE printed proceedings, there will be informal CD Proceedings that will be distributed at the venue.

It is possible for authors to publish their paper in either one or both:

  • To have a paper published in the IEEE proceedings, authors must agree to copyright transfer and comply with page length limits and charges as applicable. In preparing your submission, please consider that the length of the final version of accepted papers to appear in the printed IEEE Conference Proceedings should conform with the following size:
    • Extended Papers: up to 10 pages
    • Regular Papers: up to 6 pages
    • Short Papers: up to 2 pages
    A maximum of two (2) extra pages per paper is permitted for an extra charge of 100 € per page.
  • Papers appearing in the Conference CD Proceedings will not be subject to page charges. The page limit will be extended by two in this case: short, regular, and extended papers will be accepted within limits of 6, 10, and 14 pages for CD Proceedings, respectively. Papers appearing in the CD may thus be an extended version of those appearing on printed proceedings. No copyright transfer is required for CD publication.

Pease find below guidelines for uploading your submissions in the two cases:

  • IEEE Proceedings: You should have received detailed instructions from the IEEE Computer Society. Both the paper and the copyright transfer should be uploaded on the IEEE ftp site (access through password "benefit"). Please refer to the detailed instructions provided together with the notification of acceptance from IEEE and send your further enquiries to
    Manuscripts should be uploaded on the IEEE ftp site by January 9, 2005.
  • Conference CD Proceedings: Manuscripts should be uploaded in their final version on the Worldhaptics conference web-site through the URL
    You can access the final upload electronic page after having entered your paper access code. Please contact for further clarifications.

To see details of your previous manuscript submission, you can access the Electronic Submission page. Instructions and Style Files for final submissions are available here:

  • MS Word format
  • LaTeX format

If work reported in the paper is related to a Poster or Hands-On Demo also submitted to the Conference, this should be explicitly stated in the abstract.


Instructions for submission of Posters

If you wish to present a poster at WHC you can still submit by January 22, 2005.

  • Posters submitted in this phase are *not* associated with a paper in printed IEEE proceedings.
  • Posters electronically submitted as pdf files will be made available to participants on the CD Conference Proceedings
  • If you have already submitted a manuscript which was accepted as a short paper  with poster presentation, your  poster will not be further reviewed  for scientific contents. However, we do encourage that you prepare your poster according to the template provided below, and submit it mentioning the accompanying paper number.


Please submit posters in electronic format. The Corresponding Author's name(s), affiliations, postal and email address should be included. A style file is available for reference

  • MS Powerpoint format

The style file is not mandatory, however it provides useful guidelines and some uniformity of style. Please convert your file in either PDF or PS format before submitting through the follwing URL:

Each accepted poster will be provided with a vertical stand, allowing for formats up to A0 (841x1189 mm, or 33.11x46.81 in). Additional equipment (such as tables, electrical power, network connection, etc.) might be available upon special request only.

If work reported in the poster is related to a Hands-On Demo also to be submitted to the Conference (see below), this should be explicitly stated in the poster abstract. Indeed, such practice is strongly encouraged.

Instructions for submission of Hands-On Demos

Hands-On Demos are an important distinguishing feature of conferences on Haptics.

A concise abstract (one page max.) describing the demo purpose, organization, and equipment, possibly including pictures and other explanatory material, should be submitted by January 22, 2005. The Corresponding Author's name(s), affiliations, postal and email address should be included.

Should the demo be related to work presented in a paper or poster of the Conference, please mention this explicitly.

Each accepted Hands-On Demo will be provided with a table and electric power (low wattage). Additional equipment (such as a poster stand, extra electrical power, network connection, etc.) might be available on request.

Authors of accepted Hands-On Demos will give a one-minute presentation in a dedicated "teaser" session in the Conference Auditorium. To organize the session, authors will be requested to provide a single electronic slide to organizers in due time.

Submit your hands-on demo through the following URL:


Oral Presentations

Short and Long Talks will be given in a single track in the Conference Auditorium. Only electronic slide projection will be accepted. A PC and video projector will be available.

It is recommended that authors prepare their presentation file on a CD or USB memory stick. Adobe PDF, Postscript, and Powerpoint presentation formats will be supported by suitable viewer applications.

In the interest of timing, the usage for presentations of different media (such as overhead projector for transparencies or TV/VHS tapes) is discouraged. In particular cases and for special needs, please contact the organizers.



Our Submission Policy


Submission to WHC was organized in two distinct phases. Below is the rationale behind that, from the original web page:

  1. Authors who would like to have their paper appear on the Conference Proceedings, must submit their manuscript by
    November 15, 2004.
    Authors of accepted papers will be assigned by the Program Committee a type of presentation considered most suited to the paper contents. Presentation types foreseen for accepted manuscripts are short talks, long talks, or posters (a hands-on demo is welcome to be connected with any of these, if so desired by the authors).
  2. Authors who would only like to give a presentation at the conference in the form of a Poster or as an Hands-On Demo, must submit adequate material by
    ________________ January 22, 2005.
    Submission of such material is required for posters and demos, whether or not there is a corresponding paper.
  • Examples:
    • Q: I want to publish a paper and give a talk
      A: Submit your manuscript by November 15, 2004
    • Q : I want to give a talk, but I don't want to give the copyright away (to retain freedom to submit work to a journal, e.g.)
      A: Submit your manuscript by November 15, 2004. If accepted, you will be assigned a presentation type. Just check "no" on the final manuscript submission form box asking consent to copyright agreements with IEEE (see below)
    • Q: I want to publish a short paper and present it with a poster and/or a hands-on demo
      A: Submit your short manuscript by November 15, 2004,
      *and* your poster/hands-on demo material by January 15, 2005
    • Q: I want to present a poster and/or a hands-on demo, but I do not want to prepare a paper
      A: Submit your poster/hands-on demo material by January 15, 2005.
    • Q: I want to give a talk, but don't want to submit a manuscript
      A: Sorry, this is not allowed.