World Haptics Conference 2007

Final Submission

The deadline for the final submission of papers, posters and sketches is December 23, 2006.
Please login to the online submission page. Then, click the "submissions in progress" and "Look at reviews" to see the reviews.
In addition to the final submission, remember to register to attend the conference via the registration page.

Instructions for the final submission of regular/poster papers and sketches

In addition to the official IEEE printed proceedings, there will be an informal Conference CD-ROM (or DVD-ROM) that will be distributed at the venue.

It is possible for authors to publish their paper in either one or both of these:

  • To have a paper published in the IEEE proceedings, authors must agree to copyright transfer and comply with the page length limits and charges as applicable. In preparing your submission, please consider that the length of the final version of accepted papers to appear in the printed IEEE Conference Proceedings should conform to the following:
    • Regular Papers: up to 6 pages
    • Poster Papers: up to 6 pages
    • Sketches: up to 2 pages

  • The page limit will be extended in the CD-ROM: regular papers, poster papers and sketches will be accepted with limits of 10, 10, and 6 pages respectively for the CD-ROM. Papers appearing in the CD-ROM may thus be an extended version of those appearing in the printed proceedings. No copyright transfer is required for CD-ROM publication.
    In addition, you may include supplemental material such as video clips with your paper. The total size (sum of all files including the pdf file of the main manuscript) of uploaded files should be less than 25 MB. Uploaded materials will appear in the CD-ROM as is.

Please find below guidelines for uploading your submissions:

  • IEEE Proceedings: IEEE CPS will email you directly. If you do not get the email, please email the publication chair ( noma ( at ) ).
  • Conference CD-ROM: Manuscripts should be uploaded via the WHC's submission site.

Note that the formatting for final submission is slightly different from the first submission:
Formatting Instructions(DOC, PDF, PS), LaTex Formatting Macros


Q. Should we upload a longer paper for the CD-ROM than that for the printed proceedings?
A. You can use the same PDF file, which was submitted for the printed proceedings, for the CD-ROM if you want. We are just giving you additional space on the CD-ROM. It is up to you whether or not you prepare a longer version for the CD-ROM.
Q. I can see three input boxes for the video clip in the final submission page. How many video clips do you accept?
A. Actually the only limitation is the total file size. But for the convenience of handling the files, we are accepting up to three video clips. To upload more than three files, please email hase [at] .
Q. You don't specify the video format. What kind of video format should we prepare?
A. We don't specify any particular video format to increase your freedom in preparing the video clips. However, we recommend that you prepare your video clip with a standard format such as MPEG1, QuickTime, DivX etc.