Venue:  Epochal Tsukuba

10 minutes Walk from Tsukuba Station and Tsukuba Center.  map

Tsukuba Center

How to get to the EPOCAL TSUKUBA

(updated 01/19/07)

After arriving at the Tokyo International Airport in Narita, one of the most practical means to reach Tsukuba is riding on limousine bus (named as Airport Liner NATT's). You need to purchas a bus ticket at the Keisei Airport Bus Counter before boarding the bus. That place is in the same floor of the arrival gate at Narita Airport. The bus picks up passengers both at Terminal 1, and Terminal 2. The timetable of is in the following.

It takes approximately 100 minutes to Tsukuba, however it highly depends on the traffic condition. The ticket costs 2,540 yen. The limousine bus makes a stop at "Tsukuba Center Terminal". We would recommend you to get off "Tsukuba Center Terminal" then take a taxi to the conference venue or your hotel.

If you have any trouble of communicating in Japanese with the taxi driver (this situation can usually happen), please show the Japanese sentence below.

(Please take me to the Epocal Tsukuba.)

You can take a taxi from Narita Airport, however it is not recommended because it is quite expensive.

If you would like to stay overnight at one of the airport hotels, please take a taxi from either terminal. You could find the taxi stations outside of both terminals.

If you will also use the limousine bus to go back to Narita Airport after the conference, you need to reserve the bus departing from the Tsukuba Center and then to purchase a bus ticket before your boarding. At the conference, travel staffs will help you to reserve and to purchase a ticket. Please ask at the conference venue in detail.