The conference Awards Committee granted awards for best contributions in the following categories:

- Best Paper Award: Haptic Human Studies: Moog, 1000 €
- Best Paper Award: Haptic Technology: Force Dimension, 1000 €
- Best Paper Award: Haptic Application: Haption, 1000 €
- Best Student Paper Award: Immersion, US $1000
- Best Poster Award: Quanser, US $850
- Best Demonstration Award: SensAble, Phantom Omni developer kit worth US $2400

Awards were announced at the conference banquet and closing session. They were presented by the Committee and by the Award Sponsors. Many thanks to our generous sponsors!


Best Paper Award on Haptic Human Studies
Sponsored by Moog, Presented by Jos Meuleman

"Haptic Feedback Enhances Force Skill Learning" by Dan Morris, Hong Tan, Federico Barbagli, Timothy Chang, Kenneth Salisbury (Stanford University and Purdue University)

The EUR1000 Best Paper Award on Haptic Human Studies is sponsored by Moog. Moog, a worldwide manufacturer of precision control components and systems. Moog's high performance actuation products control military and commercial and commercial aircraft, satellites and space vechicles, launch vehicles, missiles, and automated industry machinery. For more information about Moog, please visit


Best Paper Award for Haptic Technology
Sponsored by Force Dimension, Presented by Sebastien Grange

"Shaping Event-Based Haptic Transients Via an Improved Understanding of Real Contact Dynamics" by Jonathan P. Fiene, Katherine J. Kuchenbecker (Stanford University and University of Pennsylvania)

The EUR1000 Best Paper Award is sponsored by Force Dimension. Force Dimension, a world leader in high-end haptics, designs, manufactures and markets high precision haptic devices for OEM integration, as well as for cutting-edge applications in research, industry and education. Known for their high performance and sleek design, Force Dimension products include the Delta and Omega family of haptic devices. For more information about Force Dimension, please visit

Best Paper Award for Haptic Application
Sponsored by HAPTION, Presented by Jerome Perret

"Braille Display by Lateral Skin Deformation with the STReSS2 Tactile Transducer" by Vincent Levesque, Jerome Pasquero, Vincent Hayward (McGill University)

The EUR1000 Best Paper Award for Haptic Application is sponsored by HAPTION. HAPTION, is a spin-off of CEA (French Nuclear Research Agency) that benefits from results and know-how developed in more than 30 years of research. HAPTION designs, manufactures and sells haptic devices with professional quality, suited to the needs of its customers, both industrial and academic. HAPTION is specialized in force-feedback devices with 6 degrees-of-freedom with large workspace. For more information about Haption, please visit

Best Student Paper Award
Sponsored by Immersion Corporation, Presented by Danny Grant

"Soft Finger Model with Adaptive Contact Geometry for Grasping and Manipulation Tasks" by Matei Ciocarlie, Claire Lackner, Peter Allen (Columbia University)

The $1,000 Best Student Paper Award is sponsored by Immersion Corporation, creators of VibeTonzT technology for the mobile device market and TouchSenseT technology for the industrial controls, medical simulation, and gaming industries. Immersion is proud to sponsor this award that acknowledges the hard work and dedication of students around the world who are contributing to the advancement of haptics. More information about Immersion is available at

Best Poster Award
Sponsored by Quanser, Inc., Presented by Paul Gilbert

"Roughness Feeling Telepresence System with Communication Time-Delay" by Shogo Okamoto, Masashi Konyo, Takashi Maeno, Satoshi Tadokoro (Tohoku University and Keio University)

The $850 Poster Demo Award is sponsored by Quanser, Inc. Quanser is the world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced systems for real-time control design and implementation used in industry, education and research. It provides open-architecture control solutions that allow evaluate and implement strategies at every level of complexity. Quanser control solutions and challenges are operational with more than 1,000 clients worldwide including universities, research laboratories and commercial organizations. For more information about Quanser, please visit

Best Demonstration Award
Sponsored by SensAble Technologies, Inc., Presented by Basil Kwan and Takashi Endo

"T-PaD: Tactile Pattern Display through Variable Friction Reduction" by Laura Winfield, John Glassmire, J. Edward Colgate, Michael Peshkin (Northwestern University)

This award consists in the SensAble, Phantom Omni developer kit worth US $2400, and is sponsored by SensAble Technologies, Inc. SensAble is a leading provider of 3D touch-enabled digital solutions for commercial software development, academic and commercial research, product design, and digital content creation. At the core of SensAble products is the PHANTOM line of haptic devices, which makes it possible for users to touch and manipulate virtual objects. For more information about SensAble, please visit