We gratefully acknowledge the sponsors of the following paper and demo awards, each of which comes with a $1000 honorarium.

Best Paper: Haptics Applications: Immersion Immersion
Best Paper: Haptics Technology: Force Dimension ForceDimension
Best Paper: Haptics Science:    Quanser Quanser
Best Student Paper:  Technical Committee on Haptics TCH
Best Demonstration:    Moog Moog

Here it is the list of the awarded papers and demos:

  • Best Student Paper (sponsored by the TCH)
    In Lee, Inwook Hwang, Kyung Lyong Han, Oh Kyu Choi, Seungmoon Choi, and Jin S. Lee
    System Improvements in Mobile Haptic Interface
  • Best Paper: Haptics Science (sponsored by Quanser)
    Thomas Ferris, Shameem Hameed, and Nadine Sarter
    Tactile Displays for Multitask Environments: The Role of Concurrent Task Processing Code
  • Best Paper: Haptics Applications (sponsored by Immersion)
    Brian Gleeson, Scott Horschel, and Will Provancher
    Communication of Direction through Lateral Skin Stretch at the Fingertip
  • Best Paper: Haptics Technology (sponsored by Force Dimension)
    Iason Vittorias, Julius Kammerl, Sandra Hirche, and Eckehard Steinbach
    Perceptual Coding of Haptic Data in Time-Delayed Teleoperation
  • Best Demonstration (sponsored by Moog)
    William McMahan and Katherine Kuchenbecker
    Displaying Realistic Contact Accelerations Via a Dedicated Vibration Actuator

We also gratefully acknowledge the sponsorship of the banquet by Immersion.


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