Welcome to the web-site of the IEEE - World Haptics Conference (WHC) 2011, Istanbul.

This conference will bring together researchers from different disciplines who are interested in all aspects of haptics.

Haptics (sense of touch) research has progressed significantly during the last decade, but further progress in this field depends on continuing advances in 1) human haptics, 2) machine haptics and 3) computer haptics.

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to

  • Design of haptic interfaces
  • Tactile displays and sensing
  • Haptic rendering and virtual environments
  • Haptic cognition
  • Haptic perception and psychophysics
  • Biomechanics of touch
  • Haptic guidance and motor control
  • Shared haptics
  • Applications of haptics in entertainment, media, medicine, rehabilitation, education, data visualization, art, rapid prototyping, remote collaboration, and nano/micro technologies

The Conference Organizing Committee is looking forward to see you in Istanbul, we are sure you will enjoy a great conference while visiting Istanbul!

Cagatay Basdogan, Ph.D.




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