This page presents the companies providing haptic products and services. You can use filters to do search.
If you are not listed, please contact the Vice Chair for Industrial Relationship.

Logo Products classes Stimulation technology Products list Countrysort descending
Fairchild Semiconductor Electronic components Vibrotactile Eccentric Rotating Mass (ERM) Driver, Linear Resonance Actuator (LRA) Driver USA
Strategic Polymers Inc. Actuators Vibrotactile SPS EMP actuators (announced) USA
Cambridge R&D USA
Tactus Technology Haptic devices Skin deformation Tactus (announced) USA
Flexible Automation Haptic Testing, Climate Control Module Haptic Testing, Door Handle Function Testing USA
HAPTILABS Haptic devices Vibrotactile HAPIfork, HAPItrack USA
Haptic Math Software applications classes for learning math concepts USA
Yantric Software applications Episim, Lapsim, Medsim SDK USA
Tactical Haptics Haptic devices Skin stretch Reactive Grip Motion Controller (announced), Reactive Grip Touch Feedback for Precision Manipulation (announced) USA
Sensable technologies Software API, Software applications, Haptic devices Kinesthetic PHANTOM Omni Device, PHANTOM Desktop Device, PHANTOM Premium Devices, PHANTOM Premium 6DOF Devices, FreeForm system, ClayTools , OpenHaptics toolkit USA
Lumo BodyTech Haptic devices Vibrotactile Lumo Lift, Lumo Back USA
Immersion Software API, Software applications TouchSense Tactile Feedback System, TouchSense Force Feedback System, Haptic SDK, Integrator USA
Novint Technologies Software API, Software applications, Haptic devices Kinesthetic Novint Falcon, Novint Xio (announced), Pistol Grip USA
Atmel Software API, Actuators, Sensors Vibrotactile, Kinesthetic ERM actuators, Nonmechanical buttons, sliders, and wheels , maXFusion , maXTouch, XSense , QTouch Library USA
Anolog Devices Electronic components Smart Linear Resonant Actuator Controller: ADUX1001 USA
IDT Electronic components Capacitive Touch Controllers: IDT LDS6010 PureTouch, IDT LDS6018 PureTouch, IDT LDS6040 PureTouch, IDT LDS6048 PureTouch USA
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. Electronic components CY8C20x x6H FOR DYNAMIC TACTILE FEEDBACK USA
Rogers Corp. Electronic components DUREL Drivers: Integrated circuits for electro-luminescent lighting and piezo haptic applications USA
Artificial Muscle Inc. (Vivitouch) Actuators Vibrotactile HD Feel (announced) USA
ImmersiveTouch Software applications Kinesthetic Simulators ImmersiveTouch, Simulators MicrovisTouch USA
MySmartSimulations Software applications Worldwide Interactive Learning Designer (WILD), Custom healthcare training and educational solutions, Consulting USA
ToLTech Software applications ArthroSim Arthroscopy Simulator, Custom Solutions USA