Merkel Haptics

Merkel Haptic System (MHS) is the first haptics company in India exclusively for touch related technologies, pioneer in providing 3D touch technology solutions in India and abroad, combining academic and industrial experience. It is a spin-off company from IIT Madras Touchlab. MHS is developing a new haptic devices that add high-fidelity virtual reality based training systems.

Our sense of touch is what helps us to explore the world around us and it is an integral part of how we experience things, both physically and emotionally. Haptics generally refers to sensing through touch and manipulation, it is the science behind the sense of touch and manipulation. As vision is the science of seeing and audition is the science of hearing, haptics is the science of touch and manipulation using hands. There is a major difference between perceiving objects through haptics and the other four primary senses. While other four senses can only sense objects and cannot manipulate objects, haptics includes sensing as well as manipulate objects.

MHS is dedicated to providing virtual reality based solutions to medical training needs, specifically with haptics feedback.

Merkel Haptics
Software applications
Haptic devices
CPR, MI Mannequin Trainer, Laparoscopic Surgical Simulator
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