TCH Chair Election 2014

Procedure to elect the new Chair of the IEEE Technical Committee on Haptics (TCH) from September 2014 to August 2016


1. Form an election committee: The chair of the election committee will be appointed by the current TCH chair/co-chairs. The appointed chair will then form the election committee (DONE)

2. Issue a call for nomination: TCH Members will be invited to submit nominations online at the TCH website. Self-nominations will be accepted. To become a member of TCH, please click on the following link, alternatively you can login here. Members can nominate a candidate from their profile page following this link. This step is due July 11, 2014. 

3. Select 2-3 final candidates: The election committee will aim to select the top 2 to 3 candidates and request them to send their bios and position statements. The candidates need to be members of TCH. This step will take place July 12-18.

4. Vote for the candidates: The candidates' bios and position statements will be posted online by July  30. TCH members will vote for only one of the candidates on the TCH website. Alternatively, to ensure that a popular candidate is not eliminated in the nomination process, the voters will be able to write-in a new candidate. The votation will be open in the period August 1-11,2014 at this link (for registered users and members). (DONE)

5. Announcement of the new chair/co-chairs (due August 13, 2014): the candidate who receives most votes from the TCH membership will become the next TC chair. The new chair will select two co-chairs. It is suggested that the chair and co-chairs be from different continents (DONE)

Election Committee:

  • Hiroyuki Shinoda, University of Tokyo (chair)
  • Lynette A. Jones, Massachussets Institute of Technology
  • Matthias Harders, University of Innsbruck

Technical Support for the Election Process by Emanuele Ruffaldi, Scuola Superiore S.Anna, Pisa