TCH Chair Votation 2017

Total votes: 135


Manuel is a pillar of the haptic community. His contribution to the organization of haptic conference and his work has associate editor for ToH shows his dedication. I believe he will excel at chairing the TCH and bring the community to new heights.

Having read through the statements and backgrounds of the two excellent candidates, it seems clear that the TCH will be in good hands regardless of who is elected. Brygida raises an understandable concern, but having seen Manuel's long-term dedication to the haptics community, and his significant contributions to WHC and ToH over the years, I don't see there being any question as to his objective support for the haptics community. Manuel retains a strong connection to academic research efforts in the field, and his position at Immersion only adds an important industrial perspective that is likely to continue to benefit us all.

TCH will be well-served by either of these candidates. I have had the pleasure of working with Manuel on multiple committees and have always been impressed by his professionalism, knowledge, and dedication to the community. I only know Dr. Pacchierotti by his technical work, which is of stellar quality. Good luck to both!